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About the WanTok Money Online Transfer Service
WanTok Money is Tongan owned and the new money transfer service offers you a bold and brave new way to send money into Tonga from Australia and NZ (USA will be coming real soon… so stay tuned more updates).

With WanTok Money you can send money to any WanTok phone in Tonga & Vanuatu. With our easy to use online portal it only takes a few clicks to deposit money using internet banking and you can transfer instantly. Plus our low fees and great exchange rates mean that you save money or your family gets more.

What's even better is that WanTok has more agents in Vanuatu and Tonga so there are more places to collect or spend money.

About WanTok Money - In the Pacific
With WanTok Money your phone is an electronic wallet! WanTok Money is available to all customers in Vanuatu and Tonga who have a mobile phone number. All registered customers can use their mobile phone to send, save and receive money. Plus they can also check their balance and change account details in real time.

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About KlickEx
Based in Auckland, KlickEx believes that exchanging currencies should be easy, fast and affordable. The KlickEx service enables rapid foreign exchange settlement between people in New Zealand, Australia, Tonga and Vanuatu.

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With WanTok, more money goes to where it’s needed
A recent Pacific Islands Forum report found that as much as 20% of money remitted to the Pacific Islands goes on fees and commissions. WanTok Money aims to bring much improved value and service to this market. With WanTok Money, the fees and costs are much lower and the speed of service means money is available on WanTok mobile wallets within minutes.

“We expect WanTok Money will make a big difference to the Pacific Islands remittance markets, where individual payments are often small and get eaten away by large fees and commissions. We believe that with our new service more money will go to the family, friends, and communities it was intended for.”
Robert Bell, Managing Director, WanTok Money.

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